wAppLoxx - Innovative access control

wAppLoxx system is the solution for a professional, electronic access control for small and medium-sized buildings, like SMEs or houses.

  • Complete solution for access management in small to medium sized properties (1-20 doors)
  • Control and administration via your browser or app
  • Quick and easy creation of access rights (up to 150 people)
  • Arm/disarm burglar alarm systems easily
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Access control for business buildings

Within a company, it is important to be able to optimally manage the access rights of staff. With wAppLoxx, you can adapt the system to staff changes or new employees in little to no time: a few clicks is all it takes to assign a new member of staff precisely the right authorisations.

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Comfort and Security at home

Even if no one is at home, access rights can be granted, for instance for cleaning staff. If required, time restrictions can be applied. You can also granted access remotely to trusted persons with the wAppLoxx App.

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Web-based access control, alarm connection and app control.

wAppLoxx - Systemübersicht

The wAppLoxx System offers a range of benefits thanks to its sophisticated IT architecture. Here the wAppLoxx Control acts as the system's communication hub. It is operated via the internet or an intranet, and can be intuitively configured via a web browser. The system also features a first-class alarm connection, which allows a maximum control on the building with no false alarm.

Fast and easy administration

With the wAppLoxx System, authorisations can be easily granted online and in real-time. If required, time and room restrictions can also be applied. A burglar alarm system can also be connected to the unit so that individual users can be authorised to use the arm/disarm function. And you can adapt the system to staff changes or new employees in little to no time: a few clicks is all it takes to assign a new member of staff precisely the right authorisations.

Web configuration wAppLoxx Control

The web-based browser software was designed to be as intuitive as possible. For each individual or group of individuals, you can grant access rights for specific doors depending on weekday and time. Authorised individuals can use the wAppLoxx Cylinder to arm and disarm the burglar alarm system. The best thing is: whenever you need, you can change all data and thus react in real-time.

wAppLoxx App to date

The wAppLoxx App allows all user functions to be operated on the go. With this app, remote access can be used to unlock doors and arm or disarm integrated burglar alarm systems.

Security and comfort for your property

The wAppLoxx Control can be connected to a burglar alarm system in next to no time, making arming/disarming child's play. But the fun doesn't stop there: this function can also be easily controlled via the app. Here the wAppLoxx Control takes care of all communication with the individual components. What's more, the system prevents annoying false alarms by reducing the risk of their occurrence when doors are being locked or unlocked.

Easy, fast and meticulous installation

The installation of wAppLoxx system is performed by our ABUS partners, renowned for their professionalism and thoroughness. The cylinder can be manually replaced without drilling or damaging the door. The implementation of the system is intuitive and fast, so that your property is secured within a short time.

How secure is the wAppLoxx?

wAppLoxx system provides a multi-level security: The wAppLoxx double knob cylinder reinforces protection against burglary, as there is no "gateway" for manipulation tools and the mechanical elements are drill resistant. Opening the door remotely with the application means you don’t have to risk hiding your keys somewhere. Communication between wAppLoxx individual components is performed by protected radio frequencies. The wAppLoxx Control can be operated either using the Internet or via an Intranet. Web communication benefits from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, and is additionally protected by P2P connection.

How long will the battery of the cylinder last?

The wAppLoxx cylinder is independent of the power grid and is powered by a long-life lithium battery that allows up to 50,000 openings. The cylinder warns you when the battery is running low and the battery can then be changed quickly and easily.

How do I program the system?

In wAppLoxx system, all settings can be made via an intuitive Web interface. As administrator, you can easily add or remove new users whenever you want. Schedules can also be customized. The good news is that everything happens in real time - so losing a key is no longer a problem.

How does the application work?

After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, it is only a few steps to get connected to the app: just log in to your online account with user name and password, then scan your personalized QR code with the app and get connected. This ensures that no third party will have access to your system. Now you can use all the features of the app, you can for instance open the door or arm the alarm system.

Onto which doors does wAppLoxx fit?

wAppLoxx is compatible with all doors that have a conventional profile cylinder (cylinder door). Simply remove the existing cylinder and replace it with the wAppLoxx. The required length is pre-measured by your dealer. Nevertheless, a subsequent modification of the cylinder length is always possible thanks to modular construction and flexible extension system, which is very advantageous when it comes to measuring mistakes, installing new doors or moving.

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