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Granit is held as one of the most secure padlocks in the world and has been developed to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and security. Users from industries and businesses around the world rely on the special features of these locks. This recommendation, combined with our many years of experience, confirms that this is a product you can trust. Trust The Professionals. Since 1924.


Extremely tough

Body and shackle made of hardened steel. Extremely high resistance against sawing, cutting, drilling, and pulling. To secure warehouses, gates, containers, or heavy equipment. Highest protection against manipulation methods. Available with key copy protection feature.


Fully weather-resistant

Body and shackle made of stainless steel. Ideal for outdoor applications. Highest security even in harsh weather conditions and in salt water environments. To secure boats, gates, or containers. Available with key copy protection feature.


Developed specially for use with snowmobiles. New Black Granit coating offers increased corrosion protection. Luminous yellow coating makes it easier to locate your lock in the snow.






Our Granit stories give an insight into the lives of some special people and the extraordinary challenges they face in their day-to-day work. Their experiences are as varied as the people themselves. Be inspired and maybe you'll discover a new way to make your day easier and more secure.

»In my line of work up here in the North, I am very dependent on my equipment. If it goes missing, I'll have some serious problems. So, I only rely on the best locks!«

Oscar Pihl, Fjällguiden Arctic Safaris, Kiruna



Swedish insurers are well known for their stringent requirements for security products. And for good reason! The long distances, severe climate and extreme temperatures put a strain on both people and materials. We visited Oscar Pihl, an employee of a snowmobile rental company based near the town of Kiruna inside the Arctic Circle in the Swedish province of Lapland. Oscar uses a Granit padlock when he needs to secure an expensive snowmobile or storage shed.

»The beauty of this area is that there's barely any people here. It's Europe's last untouched wilderness with fjord fishing and reindeer herding.«

Oscar Pihl, Fjällguiden Arctic Safaris, Kiruna

Romain Bruneau

Marseille, France

One of the most important cargo ports in Europe can be found on the French Mediterranean coast. Locks that are used near salt water are especially susceptible to rust which is why requirements for material and quality are so high. We visited Romain Bruneau in the south of France, the head of a rental service agency for containers of all types in Marseille. He relies on Granit to reassure his customers that no unwanted key copies are in circulation.

»When a customer rents a container from us, they need to be sure that no unautorised persons can gain access to it. That is why we only recommend the best lock.«

Romain Bruneau, Allomat - Location de conteneur, Marseille

Rasmus Johansson


Freestyle snowmobile is an extreme and demanding sport but most of all it is Rasmus Johanssons’ passion in life. He is one of the best jumpers on motorised sleighs in the world and regularly participates in the Northamerican X Games. Rasmus’ snowmobile is very valuable to him – not only in a monetary sense but also in an emotional one. This is why it needs to be protected – and this can best be achieved with a Granit lock.

»The sled I ride and my gear is very expensive, it's a very pricey sport so it's good to know that all equipment is still there the next day.«

Rasmus Johansson - snowmobile freestyle athlete, Kiruna

Iron Rock




In 1924, August Bremicker founded his company in the basement of his home in Volmarstein, Germany. Together with his sons, he manufactured padlocks. With a view to exporting, the first model was christened ‘The Iron Rock’. The company flourished and by 1938 it already had 300 employees. Since then, ABUS has developed into a group of companies which is active around world.

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As a high-quality German manufacturer, we ensure that our products offer exceptional reliability and durability, while remaining easy to operate. To satisfy ever-growing security requirements, we offer innovative security solutions in a variety of areas.

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