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The ABUS Diskus® The real thing

Want to lock something up easily? Of course! After all, why would you want everyone to have access to your cellar or garage?

We recommend protecting the things you care about, ensuring you can have peace of mind while you’re out and about – without wasting a single thought on whether your shed is safe from trespassers.

Our Diskus will keep all your belongings where they belong. These locks have been handcrafted for almost 70 years at our headquarters in Volmarstein. Made in Germany.


Our Diskus doesn’t just look good and sit comfortably in your hand. It’s also incredibly secure!
Five good reasons to rely on our Diskus:

All-round security

Thanks to its fully round shape, the lock is particularly protected against being hammered or sawn open: The rounded shackle is recessed on two sides of the round lock body and offers very little tampering opportunity for break-in attempts. So your cellar will remain locked. Or your garden shed. In addition, your gardening equipment will stay where it belongs.

Rust-free = long lasting

Do you need a lock you can rely on for life? Then you've found it. The 24IB Diskus is completely rust-free and resistant to corrosion.

Workmanship = security

The seam that holds the two round stainless-steel shells of the Diskus together is quality welding. That means: The two halves will be incredibly difficult to break apart. The real Diskus: real security.

Key copy protection

It would be a real struggle trying to copy the Diskus key! Our Key Copy Protection for the 24IB and 26 series ensures that you can only get a copy of the key using the corresponding security card. Unauthorised persons will therefore be unable to get a spare key and the Diskus will continue protecting your belongings.

The original – get the real thing, only from ABUS.

Did you know? We developed it. The Diskus was born in 1949 – the same year that ABUS celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Das Diskus im Stahlbad
Diskus in der Hand
Produktion: Made by Originals

The ABUS Diskus® A good job all-round

Our Diskus locks have three things in common: Firstly, the round lock body. It protects the Diskus against being broken open better than other padlocks. Secondly, the quality welded seam that holds the two round stainless-steel shells together. Thirdly, all Diskus locks are rust-free and will last more than a lifetime.

The real Diskus – real security!

The Diskus: Seven decades, seven series. Produced at our headquarters in Wetter-Volmarstein with great attention to detail and a keen eye for practicality from the very beginning. Made in Germany. Durability and ease of use are key elements of our product philosophy at our company from Wetter an der Ruhr, Germany. A lock from ABUS will give you peace of mind when it comes to security.